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How It Works
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    Trusted Community

    After every transaction, members will rate each other, poor reviews will be reviewed by Our Team, and may be banned access when confirmed necessary

    (No membership fees)
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    Listing only takes 1min

    You can list within 1 min. Just upload picture & fill out product details (There are no listing fees)

    Receive your profit once a week in your bank account (10% Transaction fee)

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    Easy Search & Follow Function

    You can easily find exactly what you are looking for with our specialized filters

    Follow your Fave Seller on the site to get notifications when they list something new! (No fees at all for Buyers)

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    Safe & Assured

    When buying expensive products, verify quality in person (You can choose meet instead of shipping!)

    We handle the payments in escrow till the Buyer confirms the product has been delivered!

What is Bridez Tribe?

We purposely spelled ourselves 'brides' with a Z
because we wanted to emphasize our inner #BrideZilla!
Bridezilla are perfectionist & cost conscious…
Bridez Tribe is where the world's #Bridezillas come together to create a community

We take pride on maintaining a Trusted Community because we only want the most chic and trustworthy people to be in our Tribe.